Form: the carbon-negative fitness company. We built the Form brand from initial concept phase to taking the product to market. We lead the brand experience, all aspects of digital design including e-commerce web functionality and design, digital marketing strategy, content, implementation and product development and design. The high-impact, high-energy brand experience engages a global audience. Form now leads sustainable thinking and design within the fitness industry, creating products that are not just sustainable, but carbon-negative.

E-commerce Web Design

The Form website is designed to promote a lifestyle that is enriched by a sense of individuality and adventure. We want to promote a healthy sense of well-being and fitness, that is about how we can live a better and ultimately more fulfilled life.


The e-commerce site is fully integrated with an order fulfillment system that allows for automatic, efficient and fast delivery to customers.

Product Design

Form products are first and foremost, sustainable. Throughout design and development, the product life-cycle had to be carefully considered. This included the design, development and manufacturing process of the product itself as well as packaging.

In order to go one step further, Form mats are not only carbon-neutral but carbon negative. All carbon produced during production and transportation of the mats and packaging is offset meaning that more carbon is taken out of the atmosphere as a result of these prodcust being produced. The materials are ultra-durable and are recyclable and biodegradable at end-of-life.

The product has been regularly featured in the media, including Forbes, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and New York Post. It was named one of the Telegraph's Top 8 Yoga mats of 2018 and won Psychologies' Real Eco Awards 2019.

Marketing Strategy & Content

With a strong brand story and clear sustainable goals, Form's marketing strategy works to inspire and encourage social change. Vibrant, creative imagery and content brings a serious narrative about climate change into a modern context. It aims to educate and encourage an engaged audience to make smart, lifestyle choices that not only transform their health and environment but also the health of the planet.

The brand exists on a panoply of digital platforms in order to reach a wide audience at key touchpoints throughout their day. Instagram was identified as the most used social media platform for our target audience and therefore acts as our lead sales generator. Through creative content, Form's Instagram account has a large, growing, engaged community of 15k followers. We also use Instagram Stories to provide people with valuable content about sustainable, healthy living, promoting our blog content daily. Other platforms such as Spotify are used to create 'Form Playlists' providing the brand community with free, caluable content at key times when we would like Form to be at the forefront of their minds, for example in the Gym or in a Yoga Studio.

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