The Crystal, Siemens

After being tasked with a full review and analysis of The Crystal exhibition and event space, I developed a 2-year strategy focused on the overall improvement of visitor experience.

We transformed the end-to-end visitor experience across both digital and physical environments and the exhibition has been awarded Gold Accreditations from both VisitEngland and Green Tourism U.K.

Journey Mapping

As part of the initial report I carried out a significant amount of research, mapping the end-to-end customer journey, using heat maps and investigating sight-lines. This data provided key information about how visitors moved through the space and enabled us to identify desire paths and key areas for visitor touchpoints.

iBeacons powered app

In order to ensure the exhibition content remained up-to-date and relevant, I worked with developers at Siemens' to utilise the latest iBeacon technology. iBeacons were positioned in key areas around the exhibition space and an app was created for both Apple and Android Play stores. As visitors' moved within the vicinity of the iBeacons, they received a phone notification that showed content relevant to that exhibition zone. A vast amount of new content was created, including links to news articles and relevant video content.

Live Labs

The Crystal exhibition space contains vast amount of information. As part of the research I did into visitor experience, feedback and behaviour within the space, I identified that visitors often felt overwhelmed by the amount of content there was to take in. Seating areas and areas for rest were few and far between, often single benches facing walls with nothing on which resulted in visitors losing their flow and becoming disengaged with the exhibition. 

This led to the concept, design and development of the Crystal Live Labs - areas for engagement that facilitated workshops, play and cross-demographic discussion. The exhibition is made up of lots of hard, shiny surfaces so we wanted to create more tactile and 'friendly' spaces where visitors could relax and take part in creative activities that enhanced their experience of the content and encouraged deeper learning and engagement. The spaces were positioned strategically - one mid-way through the visitor journey and one at the end, where people often begin to feel fatigued or easily distracted, or naturally gathered together.


As part of the overall improvement of the Crystal exhibition I developed from concept to creation, a new visitor guidebook. A huge proportion of the visitors to the exhibition are students so I wanted to create an exhibition guide or 'companion' to enhance learning and engagement as you walk through the exhibition. The guidebook contains top tips on routes to take around the space, as well as helpful terminology and articles written by Siemens Centre of Competence, who are based at the Crystal and experts on the topics discussed in the exhibition. It also contains space to write or make notes, draw or sketch to encourage a creative approach to learning and exploration.

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